Important Update

CJE Releases Child Safety Report

Child Safety First: Preventing Child Homicides During Divorce, Separation, and Child Custody Disputes Recommendations for Reforming U.S. Family Courts Full Report Executive Summary Click here to download the 12 Tragic Stories of Preventable Child Homicide! Click here to read the full USA Today story! Watch our esteemed report researcher, Mara Tissera Luna give a 4-minute interview to Univision about our child homicide report. Click here to download the press release! … [Read More...]

CJE’s Mission

CJE is a nonprofit organization based in San Rafael, California. Our mission is to protect child abuse and domestic violence survivors in the U.S. family court system and to foster accountability throughout the judicial branch.

For nearly two decades, the Center has been a voice for vulnerable children and a catalyst for child safety as we work tirelessly to expose the systemic failures in U.S. family courts that are harming countless children. We accomplish this by educating the media, lawmakers, and the public about the need for major reforms, while we spearhead legislation focused on keeping children safe and alive through their parents’ divorce or separation.

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